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2017 UPDATE:

Thank you to all of my portrait clients for your business over the years.   For much of 2017  I am taking a hiatus from family and senior portraits as well as corporate type jobs to focus more on nature photography and some projects which currently have captured my passions.   I can not predict when I will return to family portraiture at this time.  I will post an update when I have a better idea of my timeline.  

I do have one portrait based project planned for the year that has to do with emotional expression, so send me a message if you are interested participating in that.

Sincerely, Genevieve



School is in session, temperatures are starting to cool at least part of each week, and a few leaves have started to turn and fall from the early transitioning trees.

 It is time to start thinking about family and senior portraits.   Start looking at your calendar now and give me a call to reserve a date.  Fall is a busy time for photographers and not all weekends will be available so plan accordingly if you ware wanting fall colors.