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2014 black and white project

January 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Winter Waters Last year I spent some time focusing on pictorial images - which I've yet to catch up with posting on this site.  Stay tuned for more on that - but this year I plan to explore black and white imagery a bit more in depth than I have to date.  Look for images that are inspired by last year's pictorial focus in the black and white sets.   There will be images that don't strictly fit the category.   Look for the focus to evolve over the year but the commitment is to take at least one images each week that is intended for black and white conversion - or is taken using black and white film if the mood strikes.

I had been toying with this idea for probably the past 6 months after seeing some student work that I liked in black and white - but what really pushed me over the edge was the "noir" setting in my iphone camera.    I accidentally discovered this setting and liked the striking contrast, especially for the harsh Kansas winter landscape.  I hope you enjoy the results of my explorations in black and white.

Aseed pod BW contrast2004Aseed pod BW contrast2004 Winter Abandon in Kansas

A note about the business of photography:   I've sadly had to increase the size of my watermarks on this site because I discovered people were downloading the small low quality version of the image - and not the high quality image that is available if you go through the checkout. 

Going through the checkout will result in a good quality image that can be printed at a much larger size.  This is what you want, and this is how I want my work seen.  Downloading images from faceook of from the directly from the viewing page on this site will result in low quality low resolution images that don't look nearly as nice in print or on your screen -and now it will also result in am image with a huge watermark in the center.  

This watermark can be avoided how? by going to the shopping cart and downloading the images there.  If you paid for a portrait session or event which included an editing fee - you will have free beautiful high resolution downloads available in your shopping cart without the watermark.  

If you are attempting to download a fine art print without paying for it -then shame on you.   Selling prints is a major part of how photographers support ourselves.  If you want to purchase a fine art print -  please use the shopping cart - prints are priced reasonably if you order from this site - if you want to purchase a download that will cost more because once you download my image I have no control over how many prints you make.

  bridgeAlyciaJustin-33383220130914bridgeAlyciaJustin-33383220130914 11.9 upload tutu bw vignettea08011.9 upload tutu bw vignettea080 130121_Mimi iphone pics_0006bw2130121_Mimi iphone pics_0006bw2 adam head transplant.BW vignetteNollen2013-33549-2adam head transplant.BW vignetteNollen2013-33549-2black and white



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