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Girl Power Day

April 06, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

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Today was all about women and athletics.  First I ran the Ruckus with a friend - then her daughter and another friend's daughter ran the kids ruckus multiple times.  For those who don't know what a Ruckus is - it is a 4 mile race with 25 obstacles and lots of mud.    I haven't been able to train consistently this year for various reasons so we weren't really racing so much as having a good time challenging ourselves with obstacles.  All of the rope obstacles seemed more manageable to me this year - possible because we ran in the first wave and the ropes were not yet caked with mud.   On  the other hand -  some of the obstacles that seemed easier last year (climbing out of the mud pit) seemed harder this year - part of the problem was the first half of the race i resisted putting my open hand down in the mud (used fists etc) trying to avoid gloves that were too muddy to grip.   What came out of the race?  An appreciation for friends that are willing to run with me and friends that are willing to come cheer.    Also an appreciation for the race organizers - I know it must have been some feat figuring out how to get all of the obstacles in there and not confuse the runners about where we were supposed to go.    (sometimes you would go over a barrier in one direction and crawl under it in the next direction.)  This was also a reminder to me of a few things regarding training and racing: 1) If you think you have hydrated enough, you haven't.  I don't think it would be possible for me to over hydrate before a race.   I drank what felt to me like a large amount of water the night prior - but it wasn't enough to prevent my mouth and throat from drying out on the course.   Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate.   Really this is a good idea even when you are not running.  2)  I need to train more consistently - even when I don't feel well or have a cold -do some sort of training.  3)  When given a choice of multiple times to run in a race - someone with asthma and allergies should not choose the first one in the morning.   Even though for most people the fitness recommendation is to exercise early in the morning - my allergist advised me that afternoon is better (more pollen in the AM) and I have found this to be true.  4) Vibrams (or other minimalist shoes) are awesome in the mud but not so great on rocks or clumps of dirt - so when selecting running shoes - know your terrain.   


Tonight was the first Roller Derby I had ever attended and I took some pictures - so I'm hoping the research I did before the event this week paid off since sports photography is not really my area of specialty. 

I have  uploaded a few images from both events, but I have loads more to add.  So be patient, check back often, and in the meantime get out there and work it girl.

derby actioncrop-6951

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