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Find here occasional updates on  current events, shows, projects, product updates, sneak peeks of recent sessions, and tips for your portrait session in the current season.  


  • Portrait sessions in 2018 will be competing with my KC Creatives Project, please allow plenty of time for scheduling.

  • At this time I do not plan to shoot any portraits in the 15 days before Christmas 

  • If you need to book a portrait for a specific day, contact me well in advance to secure your date.   Call 913-660-6567,  send a Facebook message, or email to schedule    


  1. Remember photography is a business.  When you post digital images please consider giving photographer credit and a link back to this webpage or my facebook page.  

  2. It helps me stay out of the red if you also purchase some of your prints from this site.  There are options at multiple price points to consider.    You can order traditional prints or special products like canvas,metal, photo books, shirts, keychains, cards, calendars, mugs...   another sweet pose_ZBY8897 RR looking back crop_SJM5199RR looking back crop_SJM5199

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KC Creatives - Irish Sessions

March 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Kansas City Creatives

Irish  Musician Portrait155AIRISH_SESSIONS_20180310_0012Irish Musician Portrait155AIRISH_SESSIONS_20180310_0012 Irish170AIRISH_SESSIONS_20180310_0046Irish170AIRISH_SESSIONS_20180310_0046   2018daily011318irish2472018daily011318irish247

We are looking forward to a new project starting in April 2018.

We will be posting biopics of representatives of the Kansas City creative community.  People are creating all around the city.  I will start featuring some of them here and on a few other sites.

We will be interviewing visual artists, musicians, writers, and other creative types.   We will show where they are now with thier art, and the journey they have traveled to reach their present creative place.  We will feature the artists themselves and their art.

This project will be an exciting collaboration between my photography and interviewing, and my husband's writing.   

We have been talking about this project for a long time, but after spending another night at Prosepero's ( ) listening to the energetic Irish music and taking pictures of the musicians, I decided to dive in to the project.

Here are a few pictures from the Prospero's Irish Sessions to wet your whistle while I'm working out the details of our first few artist pics.

I will try to add a little Irish music to the slideshow in the near future.


site rebuild

April 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

please note I am working on a site rebuild this weekend.

Some of the vendors I use for printing have raised their printing prices as a result I was making a negative profit.  I will be going through the price lists, updating and simplifying.   I should have updates done by April 24

love a good road trip

April 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I love a good road trip even a short one.  We definitely look forward to more road trips this year and the kind of images that come from such trips.


PLACEHOLDER FOR ROADTRIP PIC   Copyright Genevieve Casey 2013Copyright Genevieve Casey 2013these are from 2013. I'll update soon with a few from this year. Copyright Genevieve Casey 2013Copyright Genevieve Casey 2013these are from 2013. I'll update soon with a few from this year.


new focus for 2017

February 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

redwoodswarm 33907-2_09_11_tonemappedredwoodswarm 33907-2_09_11_tonemapped

I have not been updating this site lately since I've been wrestling with myself over the direction I should take with my art at this time.  

I want to get back to the roots of what interests me about photography.  What this means is doing only that which I love and not saying yes to jobs just because they are a paycheck.    

This means this year's photography will be more project focused.  I have a few projects in mind, but I'm going to work out a few more details before I put out exactly what I'm going to be doing.

We recently adopted a dog and for the past month most of my pictures have been of him.  I promise this will change over time and I will get back to creating art.   

I don't have any shows planned in the near future.  Once I have a collection of work from the new projects, I will update with details of any future showings.

Dragon sculpture by Wes Casey Studio

October 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Art at Suite 100 - show will be ending soon

August 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Update on Art at Suite 100 - this show will be coming down soon to make way for Art at Suite 100's annual Beer & BBQ Domestic Violence Prevention art show and benefit in mid September.  

   If you are interested in seeing the work while it is still hanging please get in touch with me or contact Suite 100 directly to schedule a viewing.  

If you are interested in purchasing a print there is a gallery here of most of the images in the show that you can order in different sizes, or you can purchase one of the prints actually in the show.  Here is a slideshow with a link to the gallery.



...welcome  Genevieve McBrayer Casey and Samantha Bessent Photos to their joint show at Suite 100. Our address is 4010 Washington, Suite 100, in the heart of old Westport. Parking on 40th street in the large fenced lot. See you @ Suite 100!"


Colorado LOVE

August 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We just returned from an AMAZING time in Colorad.

We started the 2 week trip with a drive through Rocky  Mountain National Park and the wedding of a dear friend Mary to her kind, romantic, partner Paul

   MaryNPaul wedding ceremonyGNC_27925920160827MaryNPaul wedding ceremonyGNC_27925920160827Congratulations Mary and Paul to a beautiful celebration of the love you will continue to share over the rest of your lives. MaryNPaul wedding ceremony sand bwGNC_28298420160828MaryNPaul wedding ceremony sand bwGNC_28298420160828   GNC ceremony kissbw_2967GNC ceremony kissbw_2967     WED reception garter_bw0075WED reception garter_bw0075    MaryNPaul post wedding antics GNC_317013520160828MaryNPaul post wedding antics GNC_317013520160828

  I'll be posting pictures over the next 1-2 weeks of the wedding and related festivities.  

After the wedding we spent the next week driving, hiking and camping along the continental divide.   Everyplace was beautiful, my favorite was our hike and campsite around Leadville.  


After I've finished with the wedding photos I'll start posting more of the beautiful mountains and canyons we witnessed in Colorado.    It was truly a beautiful magical place and I can't wait to return to see more.    I feel like it would be fun to make a week long Cororado trip in each season and do a photography show just around the changing beauty of the mountains through the seasons.  







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