Contemplating the 100 days project, do I or don't I?

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2009.03.01steps streaks ripples2009,03.01steps streaks ripples   

Another photographer sent an invite recently for a Winter Solstice project.  Her project is to take one picture every hour on Dec 21, the day of the Winter Equinox.   There a good reasons for this project (a higher proportion of hours in the day having good quality light with the sun being lower on this shortest day of the year.)    I liked the idea of a Solstice project, but I will be indoors at my day job for most of the daylight hours on this day, and probably with clients where I can not rush outside to take a picture on the hour.  

Not wanting to give up on the idea of a Solstice photo project, I searched the internet for Solstice Photography Projects.  What I found was a more general creativity project which has me feeling hopeful about a creatively inspired winter.   I think I will do it if I can settle on a focus by the Dec 21 deadline!

The project (which is initiated in a more Northern community than KC is "The 100 day project, Out of the Darkness and into the Light"

The project, in a nutshell, is that you choose a creative idea, and you spend some time with it every day for 100 days, from Winter Solstice to Summer Equinox.   There are different potential versions.  In one person you could have a large project in mind and just do some kind of work on it during each day.  The other would be that you actually create some small piece of work a photograph, a sketch, something related to your chosen subject.

winter20150822photogenic.zenfolio.com277winter20150822photogenic.zenfolio.com277 Copyright Genevieve Casey 2014Copyright Genevieve Casey 2014

If I do this project I have to consider my Tuesday work schedule, which has be in the office usually from 830 or 9 AM until between 8-10 PM, plus the 30 minute drive time from work to home.     This leaves little in the way of daylight hours, but to be honest even my normal 5:30 PM quit time has me leaving at or a little after sunset during this part of the year.  I am not typically an early riser, so I could use the opportunity to capture sunrise, something which I seldom observe, much less photograph.   I catch sunset with relative frequency, but I miss the Sun's rising.   I could make a project of the Sun's rising and setting - requiring myself to capture a sunrise on any day that I will not leave work early enough to watch it set.   The main challenge is that I live in a suburb and I would have to go someplace to capture the sunrise, then drive back to get ready for work.  If only there was a pretty scene on my route in... That is definitely a desirable feature of my next daily commute - someplace along the route that makes a consistently good photo op.

If, after contemplating the thought of rising early and driving out of my way every Tuesday, the sunrise option doesn't seem practical, then I will contemplate another project.   One that I've been giving some thought is working more with abstract images, especially altered reflections.  Some of my post popular images have featured water, and some element of abstraction or distortion. 

printedPROJECT MEDITATIVE fallreflected-33343printedPROJECT MEDITATIVE fallreflected-33343 water lillies photo layers  photogenic signed20120728_fae stone mason_0036water lillies photo layers photogenic signed20120728_fae stone mason_0036    large canvas print 11_28_08_GNC_squaw creek D300_0023 copyfield of dried flowers363large canvas print 11_28_08_GNC_squaw creek D300_0023 copyfield of dried flowers363    GNC2014AutumnSMP185GNC2014AutumnSMP185

All of this bears contemplation.   Another way to look at the challenge is to spend most of the week reading about a concept, and looking at examples of other people's work, learning how to execute a particular technique, then to spend my weekend executing the shot.    This would allow me to try some more conceptual work that what i typically do, perhaps even to collaborate with my husband as we have sometimes discussed.   


As always, I am open to suggestions for what you would like to see in the 100 days following December 21.


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