Springtime comes to the Zoo

March 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

This is the first Spring weekend at the Zoo.   Many things are different than Winter weeks, and many things are the same.   What is the same?  Nikita and Berlin are still a great draw - and although we didn't start with the Polar Bears, I couldn't resist stopping for a few minutes on the way out to watch Berlin playing and having her dinner.  zoo week 7 berlin 2-30

  • The Zoo is now staying open until 5PM on weekends.  Unfortunately they still close at 4 on week days.  Hopefully someday the KC Zoo will get enough funding to stay open late enough or open early enough to make a trip before or after work/ school an option.

  • There crowds have increased.   No more having a Zoo exhibit all to yourself for a while.  I know this is a good thing - it's there for everyone to enjoy - but it sure was fun during the winter months walking around feeling like the zoo was open just for me.  zoo week 7 bunny-30  






zoo week 7 gorilla who is in a cage crop mono-30

  • The rides are open - we were able to ride across the African exibit on a new sky ride.  sky ride week 7 zoo           


  • Along with more people there are more animal exhibits open.  It's still too cold for many of the exibits, but much of African that had been in hiding all winter is now available for viewing.

bw zoo week 7 gorilla-30         One of the exhibits that was open today was the Rhino.  Wes and I met a volunteer named Glenn by the Rhinos who was very knowledgable.  One fact he shared that that I didn't know about Rhinos: They have a great sense of smell.  A sad fact about Rhinos is that like Elephants (who are hunted for their Ivory tusks) Rhinos are hunted for their horns which are considered in some TCM practices to have medicinal benefits.  Glenn advised us that research has demonstrated none of the claimed medicinal benefits, but the Rhino is still hunted for it's tusk.rhino


Today's post featured a few images from today's zoo trip.  Check out the full album or the slideshow below for the rest of the pictures.









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