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surprisebloomsphotoGeniCaseya This was the tiniest of flowers - we took a 3.5 hour hike today because the weather was lovely and our knees hurt too much to run.   I'm glad we walked we stayed out longer than we would have for a run and i got to bring my camera.   It was a wonderful day this little treasure was just a small part of it.  One thing that was brought home today - a photographer protects her equipment.   It's instinct.  We were wandering along a lovely wooded path -we'd just passed a family of deer along the path when we approached a very noisy family.   We like to enjoy as free of human evidence as possible, we especially prefer to avoid loud human voices, they scare the animals and distract from the forest sounds.   This group contained 2 vocal pre-teen boys, one of who repeatedly pounded a stick against everything he encountered (tree, rock, if it made a louder thunk better).  We wanted to get past them as quickly as possible.   I might mention here that we were not prepared to run - and I had out my largest lens since we had just been a few feet away from baby deer.   We went off trail up the slope a bit.   We had just passed this group and another, and decided to return to the trail with an accelerated gait to move ahead of the herd.   I slid down the hill and tripped - instinct kicked in.  I landed on a large tree root -but I threw my forearm down first lifting up the camera and lens to protect them from impact.  Success on that count, but now I am sporting a pretty banged up arm.  I thank my genetically thick bones that there were no breaks - just a small contusion with serious soreness and bruising.  I'll be sore for a while - typing with my non dominant hand - but both camera and lens completely escaped impact.   If my equipment was damaged the fun for the day would have been over - but I was able to tie my arm up (elevate is the E in RICE for good reason) in my sweet husband's bandana and we continued our mostly brisk walk through the woods (about 6-7 miles I think) and enjoy these lovely tiny flowers, more deer, some beautiful changes in light, hot air balloons, and a Geocache.   That's a pretty good day.   I'm a little bummed the arm soreness may prevent kayaking and extended shooting for 7-10 days but otherwise all is well.  I'm not sure that I wold have noticed these flowers without the slight detour to nurse my arm and swap to a lighter weight lens.   These little beauties were quite a lovely surprise.


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